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[equinox-dev] Changes to plugin classloading in 3.0M4?

(also posted to eclipse.platform newsgroup).

I'm working on the AJDT plugin project (www.eclipse.org/ajdt). We have an
unusual situation in that the AspectJ compiler is built on top of the JDT
compiler, and so we include our own versions of (self-contained parts of)
org.eclipse.core, org.eclipse.jdt.core, and org.eclipse.jdt.internal
inside a library used by one of our plugins. This library is *not*
exported by the plugin.xml file.

With no changes in any of the AJDT plugins, AspectJ compilation has broken
in 3.0M4 (from 2.0.0 up to 3.0M3 everything was fine). Therefore something
in M4 has caused us to break. Our suspicion is that we are picking up some
(but curiously definitely not all) of the classes from the 3.0M4 versions
of the packages that we have our own private copies of. I also note that
some of the dynamic plug-in registry function arrived in M4...

So, my question is, what changes if any are there in M4 that change class
loading and classpath resolution for plugins? Does anyone have a clue as
to what might be happening?

We've done some initial investigation, but the subtle way in which the
AspectJ compiler fails makes it very difficult to track down the exact

Any pointers gratefully received.
Thanks, Adrian.

-- Adrian