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[equinox-dev] Fw: framework shutdown and bundle listeners

I just noticed that the part I omitted in step 2 says:

"(..) If the Framework implements the
optional Start Level specification, this behavior is different. See Start
Level Service Specification on page 137."

And we are planning to require the start level service to be present for running Eclipse on top of OSGi.

According to the service level service, shuting down the framework means to set the active start level to 0, thus stopping all active bundles by start level order.

However, my question regarding asynchronous bundle listeners remains valid: will asynchronous bundle listeners have a chance to be called before step 3 disables event dispatching? Is this implementation-dependent?

Thanks in advance,


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Rafael Chaves

07/08/2003 11:51 AM

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        Subject:        framework shutdown and bundle listeners

Reading the OSGi spec, the semantics of what happens w.r.t. events when shutting down the framework (e.g. with "stop 0") are not clear:

According to section 4.19.2, when shutting down the framework, these actions occur:

"1. The system bundle enters the STOPPING state.

2. All ACTIVE bundles are suspended as described in the Bundle.stop
method (...).

3. Event handling is disabled."

Will synchronous BundleListeners be notified during step 2 (before the framework is shut down)? Can I assume that asynchronous bundle listeners will never have a chance to be notified because of step 3?

Thanks for any comments,