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Re: [equinox-dev] [OSGi] practices with the bundle context

Yes, thanking for your interpretation Jeff. Too much work in storage systems has given me a narrow definition of "store".


Jeff McAffer wrote:

I suspect that Ben was talking about storing as "on disk" whereas you were talking about "stashing it in a field".


*Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA*
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07/09/2003 08:41 AM

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It seems to me that there is something contradictory in what you said:
       "storing it will do no good"
       "you usually [make the context accessible to other objects]"

There is only two times you can get the context (start / stop), so how do you make it available
to other part of your bundle, if you do not store it?

Does the spec specify something about the life time of the object?


*Benjamin Reed/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS*

07/08/2003 07:30 PM

To: Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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Subject: Re: [equinox-dev] [OSGi] practices with the bundle context

 > What are the regular practice with the bundleContext?
 >     Do you store it?

No, it is a transient object, so storing it will do no good.

 >     Do you make it accessible to other classes in the bundle?

Yes, usually you do. It is important though not to let a BundleContext
leak out to other bundles. The BundleContext is a bundle's interface to
the framework, so a bundle can masquerade as another bundle if it has
that bundle's BundleContext.

 >     Do you surface some of its API in the activator and store the
 > activator somewhere?

I wouldn't surface the API in the activator, but certainly you may
surface some of the functionality in other objects. Often though you
just end up passing around the BundleContext.

 > Basically it offers a lot of functions that are interesting to install
 > bundles, and get information about the platform.
 > So how am I supposed to proceed for other classes of my bundle to use
 > those facility?

Except for instances where the BundleContext may leak to other bundles,
I wouldn't feel bad about passing around the BundleContext.