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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi and parameters

One typical example that we have is the application name
        eclipse -application org.eclipse.myApp

This parameter is used by the runtime to decide which application must be started. With this info, the runtime does a lookup in the registry for the named application (declared through an extension) and instanciate the refered class.

Other parameters include:
        WS, NL, OS, Arch, debugMode, platform configuration (the list of the plugins).


BJ Hargrave/Austin/IBM@IBMUS

06/25/2003 12:30 PM

        To:        Pascal Rapicault/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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        Subject:        Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi and parameters

Typically OSGi bundles are configured via the Configuration Admin service. But this is for long term configuration rather than "this JVM execution" configuration which is what command line provided parameters would be.

Perhaps some examples of command line parameters that would apply to specific bundles would be in order to help frame a good answer. I think what you suggested was a single, well known place that all bundles could look for boot parameters.

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