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[equinox-dev] dependency resolver

Hi all,

I just released into the Dynamic_Plugins branch the incremental dependency resolver code I have been working on. This is still an ongoing work, and the code is not being used in the registry resolution - but is just a matter of changing PluginRegistryModel.resolve to call a different version of the RegistryResolver (see below). I also released some updates to the Dynamic Plugins web pages to describe how the registry resolver works using a dependency system.

Keith, there is a class called RegistryResolver2 that shows how to resolve the registry using a dependency resolver. If you want to try to use it with the refactored version you were working on, the source code in the RegistryResolver2.resolve() (but only that method) may be  a good reference.

I also brought the org.eclipse.core.tests.runtime project (version R2_1) to Equinox head, and released the modified test cases (including new test cases for the dependencies) to the Dynamic_Plugins branch.