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Re: [equinox-dev] April 8th meeting minutes

> We already know that:
> - Keith is interested in plug-in "enablement"
> - Olivier is interested in OSGi, and API
> - Woody is interested in understanding the consequences
>   of the UI plug-in deactivation
> - Martin is interested in filling the alternate runtime 
>   page with JMX info and gives us more details about his use case.
> - Mel is interested in API, deactivation mechanism, security, and 
> implication of enablement/disablement on PlatformConfiguration
> - Pascal is interested in API, deactivation mechanism, top-level plug-in 
> deactivation, 
> - Jeff is interested all aspects


I am suprised the subject of Project within projects(subProject) did not show up.
Is this on the Eclipse roadmap? or something the equinox framework will look at?