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[equinox-dev] April 8th meeting minutes

11:00 AM EDT - 4/8/2003


Olivier Gruber (IBM, Watson Research - NY)
Woody Huang (IBM, Watson Research - NY)
Keith Kimball (Lotus - Boston)
Mel Martinez (Lotus - from his car ;-))
Jeff McAffer (IBM, OTI Labs - Ottawa)
Pascal Rapicault (IBM, OTI Labs - Ottawa)
Martin (sorry did not get the spelling right) (NY)

It's hard to summarize the meeting in that it has mainly been an introductory meeting to state the equinox context, present the main work areas, and give everybody an understanding of where we are going and in which conditions.

The main talk was to state terminology and clearly separate the issues that equinox addresses (see presentation for more details), and also understand what the interests of the different parties are.

At the end of the presentation, everybody was asked to think about the items they want to commit to, and give them back to the community.

We already know that:

- Keith is interested in plug-in "enablement"
- Olivier is interested in OSGi, and API
- Woody is interested in understanding the consequences
  of the UI plug-in deactivation
- Martin is interested in filling the alternate runtime
  page with JMX info and gives us more details about his use case.
- Mel is interested in API, deactivation mechanism, security, and implication of enablement/disablement on PlatformConfiguration
- Pascal is interested in API, deactivation mechanism, top-level plug-in deactivation,
- Jeff is interested all aspects

Action to be taken from the interested parties:

Confirm your interest in specific work items indicated on the web
(see the various work areas on http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/
for more details)