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[epp-dev] Indigo SR2 RC4 - final? not yet.

Hi all,

a quick update about the status and the next steps, maybe you are already waiting for the RC4 packages.

Usually I would ask for your votes at this time, but due to the fact that this will be the last build towards Indigo SR2 and because of the problems yesterday, I think we should wait until we can be sure that there are no respin requests any more. In case you want to test the current status, it can be found here http://build.eclipse.org/technology/epp/epp_build/indigo/download/20120216-0534/. But as I said: It's probably not yet the final version.

And then: The RC4 packages won't be uploaded to the download server and published on the eclipse.org download page *this* Friday. They will be made available next Friday after quiet week as final Indigo SR2 packages.

Thanks and regards,