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Re: [epp-dev] EPP - RC3 build available

The 'story' behind this is that I didn't (cannot) follow all Mac developments, but the week before EclipseCon I talked to some people inside and outside our company and they told me that the old carbon build won't work at all on the newer machines with a newer OS version. At this point I was talk that cocoa "should run" on all newer Macs, especially the 32-bit version because it should run on both, 64 and 32 bit architectures. And in order to limit the number of packages (build time, space on the download servers, web page cluttering) it seemed to be the best decision to use macosx|carbon|32 as the new build for EPP.

Then I was told, just one or two weeks ago, that the old carbon build is essential and still very important so we decided to enable the build for this architecture again.
Unfortunately I did a little mistake (I did the same mistake last year some time - never do a mistake twice ;-) , but that's another story) and used macosx|carbon|x86 instead of macosx|carbon|ppc in the build configuration.

Regards, Markus

2009/6/5 Eric Rizzo <eclipse-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Markus Knauer wrote:
Hi package maintainers,

the EPP Galileo RC3 candidate is available for testing. Please test and send me your +1 or -1 until Friday, June 05, 5pmPT. I hope that we don't need a re-spin today.

Build ID: 20090604-2257

Is there a particular reason that we're not getting Mac OS X 64-bit builds of the release candidates?
Along the same lines, I thought that carbon was going to be deprecated for 3.5 in favor of cocoa - is that incorrect?