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[epf-dev] Minutes from EPF meeting 5/10/2012


Pierre Duset - Medavie Blue Cross
Tara McGonagall - Computer Sciences Corp
Ricardo Balduino
Bruce MacIsaac
Gunter Seidel
Colin O'Neill


1. Bruce presented the recent changes to OpenUP proposed for this upcoming release.
a.  two new practices (Documentation and Training , Production Release) donated by Colin O'Neill.
b. incorporation of these practices into the OpenUP delivery process.  Also incorporated the practice Project Process Tailoring
into the OpenUP delivery process.

c. Structuring of OpenUP roles into sets.
d. Addition of Deployment discipline/domain/roleset.

2. Reviewed the changes from Colin's original donation.  Colin had no concerns with the changes.

3. Discussed whether the addition complicated OpenUP too much.  There were no objections.

4. Bruce reviewed the new Wiki and EPF experience reports pages available here:
and invited any and all to contribute their experiences via the Wiki.

5. We need presenters for upcoming Webinars - so please step forward and show us what you are doing with EPF
or any other process topic.

Bruce MacIsaac
EPF Co-lead