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Re: [epf-dev] Process Enactment - State of the Art 2012

You may be interested in the combination of Rational Method Composer (EPF Composer's commercial "big brother") and Rational Team Concert.  You will find more information on RMC-RTC for process management and enactment here:


There are some recorded demos of the RMC-RTC interop and a paper that describes how to create an RTC Process Template based on a method configuration in RMC.  We continue to enhance this integration.

You will need a "My IBM ID", but you can get one of those quite easily.


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Date:        02/06/2012 05:27 AM
Subject:        [epf-dev] Process Enactment - State of the Art 2012
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after having established a custom process model with the EPF Composer
and enabled group based refinement with the EPF Wiki I am looking for
means to support process enactment.

In particular I am interested in a tool to support workflows (based on
EPF process), a document tracking and repository (based on EPF work
products & templates) an a role based authorization concept (based on
EPR roles).

I have reviewed prior communication on this list indicating that there
would be no such tool, but that was back in 2008/9. What is the current
state of the art in process enactment tools, publicly or commercially
licensed? Any recommendations?

Gunter Seidel
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