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[epf-dev] EPF call - notes


Gunter Seidel
Bruce MacIsaac
Ricardo Balduino
Chris Sibbald


1- update on SEMAT/OMG RFP

Bruce updated us on what he's been doing with SEMAT. He's participating on regular meetings with the SEMAT group to define language and kernel. Bruce will post his analysis of the language on epf-dev, comparing the kernel language specification to SPEM. The language spec itself is not ready to be posted yet. The SEMAT group welcomes people interested in joining.
Summary: complementary to EPF, possible to align in one spec, the team though thinks it would distract them, so they are coming up with new ideas. Bruce is planning to propose an alignment, and propose to incorporate it into SPEM. Some people in the SEMAT group thinks there could be SPEM features that would be applicable to SEMAT as well.

2- proposal to move release date to Nov 30

Initial release plan defined Nov 15 as release date for EPF However, there are a couple of Bugzilla items open against content and tool that could be closed in the next couple of weeks. Also, we are trying to close the Scrum practices contribution with Eclipse legal. There is general agreement that delaying for 2 weeks to address these ongoing tasks is better than releasing the tool and content on Nov 15. New release date is Nov 30. The release plan will be updated accordingly.

3- status on Scrum practices contribution

Eclipse legal had several questions that were addressed. There is only one pending on licensing wording. The hope is to close this review process in the next 2 weeks. There is also a need for reviewing the proposed content and assess adherence to the overall practices architecture.

4- confirm December webinar

There was a person interested in presenting a webinar in December, but we lost track of emails exchanged with this person. Please let us know if you are the person interested in presenting on December 8, 8AM PST. Or if you find an email thread on this (or previous meeting notes) please send an email to us.

5- solicit volunteers to present webinars next year

We had such a great experience with the webinar series in 2011, we want to extend it to 2012. Any volunteers or topics you might want to see presented?
Some ideas:
* Ivar Jacobson - Bruce to reach out to him and ask his interest/topic to present
* Carson Holmes - Fort Medium (sp?) - tool extension to EPF - Chris to contact Carson
* When should people use the tool and not the content, and when should people use the content as is? (maybe this should be a discussion panel instead of webinar?)
* RMC extensions to EPF

Please let me know if I missed anything.
Thank you.


From:        Ricardo Balduino/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS
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Date:        11/09/2011 01:42 PM
Subject:        [epf-dev] EPF call - reminder
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Hello EPF community.

We have our regular call on schedule for tomorrow, Thursday, 11/10, at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.


Proposed agenda:

- update on SEMAT/OMG RFP

- proposal to move release date to Nov 30

- status on Scrum practices contribution

- confirm December webinar

- solicit volunteers to present webinars next year

Any other topics? Hope to have you join us tomorrow!

Ricardo / Bruce

EPF co-leads

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