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[epf-dev] Help with the SPEM/EPF-SEMAT dilemma


My name is Orlando Avila-García, Open Canarias, S.L senior research-engineer.

In 2009-2010 we did some research on software process variability management and software process lines. We built up a prototype and used SPEM 2.0 as process metamodel. It was then when I came across EPF and the newborn SPEM 2.0. Our software process definition and configuration prototype-tool was used in various MDE (Model-Driven Engineering) courses imparted by me in Spain and France.

Unfortunately, we froze such a line of research after that.

I've been following the SEMAT iniciative and, as you guys, I've always been puzzled by the fact that it seems to avoid/disregard SPEM 2.0 and EPF. SEMAT is a great iniciative but It would greatly benefit from taking more seriously into consideration the effort done within SPEM/EPF.

IMHO, the solution: getting the SPEM and EPF people involved in SEMAT, reusing knowledge, experiences and when possible SPEM conceptual and EPF technological framework. So I'm glad to have came across -by chance- with your initiative to give a hand to SEMAT.

Should my expertise or knowledge be useful to SEMAT in any way, I'm sure It'll be more effective if I work alongside you -at least to avoid the first barrier of "but, SPEM does not work!" ;-)

I have subscribed to your e-mail list and I'll do my best to give a hand to the dilemma SPEM-SEMAT.




Orlando Avila García

R&D Project Manager

Open Canarias, S.L.

C/Elías Ramos González, 4, ofc. 304

38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Phone: +34 922 240 231

Cell: +34 669 777 931