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[epf-dev] epf wiki upload file error

Onno, Thank you for your help, I just installed epf wiki successfully on my localhost machine.

Now, I encountered a little problem when I upload a file using epf wiki.
First I click "upload file"button, and when I finished the uploading, the page turns out "permission denied /var/www/epfwiki/public/uploads".
when I look into the public folder, there is no "uploads" ,so I created one manually.
 and "sudo chmod 777 -R uploads". 

and now, when I finished uploaded the image, there's a error

An application error occurred while processing your request.
Error undefined method `length' for #

the same error happened when I clicked the link http://localhost/uploads/list.

Another question is that I chmod the folder "uploads" and "wikis" "pages" to 777, is there any safety problem I should take care?

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