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[epf-dev] Errors in EPF Composer Environment

Hi Experts,

I created a development environment for the EPF composer according to the instructions on the website. I took care to really install all the mentioned versions of Java, EMF etc.

After having downloaded the plugin files from the CVS repository, Eclipse tells me that there are 5 errors:

Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
TabContents cannot be resolved to a type org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui/src/org/eclipse/epf/authoring/ui/properties AbstractSection.java line 110 1267518852546 11235
The import org.eclipse.ui.views.properties.tabbed.TabContents cannot be resolved org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui/src/org/eclipse/epf/authoring/ui/properties AbstractSection.java line 46 1267518852546 11233
The method getForeground(Object, int) is undefined for the type AdapterFactoryLabelProvider org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui/src/org/eclipse/epf/authoring/ui/properties RelationSection.java line 921 1267518849328 11075
The method parse() is undefined for the type LHTMLParser org.eclipse.epf.search/src/org/eclipse/epf/search/utils LHTMLParser.java line 57 1267518730703 7428
The type RelationSection.LabelProvider must implement the inherited abstract method ITableColorProvider.getBackground(Object, int) org.eclipse.epf.authoring.ui/src/org/eclipse/epf/authoring/ui/properties RelationSection.java line 907 1267518849328 11074

As I'm not a developer (I use the environment to adapt styling and layout for a customer project), I'd be thankful for any hint how to get rid of these errors...

Thanks a lot in advance,

innoreq® Gerhard Schneider. Einfach Prozesse verbessern.