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Re: [epf-dev] Notes from January 14, 2010 EPF Project Release Planning call

Someone reported having trouble opening the attached word file, so I've copied the minutes directly into this email:

Bruce MacIsaac

EPF Weekly Telecon
January 14, 2010

1        Attendees:

Chris Sibbald
Jim Ruehlin
Scott Ambler
Bjorn Gustafsson
Hussain Angai (UP Mentors)
Bruce Macisaac
Nate Oster
Per Kroll
Ana Pereira
Bingxu Xu
Mark Dickson
Ricardo Balduino
Arun Zachariah (Capgemini)
Julian Holmes  (UP Mentors)
Steve Adolph
Mark Lines (UP Mentors)
Jas Madhur
Chris Armstong
Pete Franklin

2        Agenda

1)        Goals
2)        Contributor vs. committer
3)        Recap of 2009 accomplishments
4)        Define release plan

3        Discussion

1)        Goals
a.        Chris noted that the main goals for last year were:
i.        Grow the community
ii.        Provide enablement material
iii.        Improve quality (content and tooling).
b.        There goals are still good goals.
2)        Contributor vs. committer
a.        Within Eclipse Foundation there is a clear distinction between a contributor and committer roles. Anyone in the world can contribute, via posts on Bugzilla.  Committers are those people that access to CVS and are able to incorporate content into CVS (code or content).  Committers are nominated by project members and based on the outcome of a vote by the project members are granted committer status by the Eclipse PMO.
b.        The main goal of this distinction is the governance required to ensure that there are no copyright or IP infringements.
c.        Committers are expected to be active in the project.
d.        Mark Lyons would like to become a committer. Chris will nominate Mark as a committer.
e.        Bjorn would also like to become a committer.  Chris will nominate Bjorn.
f.        Julian would also like to become a committer.  Chris will nominate Julian as well.
g.        Each of these people will write a short description of their past contributions, with Bugzilla IDs ideally, and plans for contribution to help substantiate the nomination and help with the voting.
3)        2009 Accomplishments
a.        Tool
i.        Updated tool release corrected a number of defects (two EPFC releases:  July 16, 2009 and October 9, 2009).  A total of 49 items resolved.
b.        Content
i.        Practice Library updates
ii.        Bug fixes
iii.        Renamed 2 LPP to Release Planning
iv.        Ran quality check scripts against content and made updates accordingly
v.        Ana did some work on re-factoring Scrum into Practices
vi.        Translation of content via EPF wiki
vii.        A total of 29 work items resolved.
4)        Plans
a.        Develop Environment practices (tailoring practices, creating processes).  Bruce will coordinate (raise work items).  We need contributors and committers to help.  Please volunteer for work items.
b.        Bruce will contribute a whitepaper and sample library on tailoring scenarios.
c.        Bjorn asked for a link to the whitepaper Bruce wrote on tailoring scenarios.  Bruce will provide a link.
d.        Arun (Zach) said Capgemini was considering contributing some content for practices to support supplier relations (out-sourcing, OEM, etc.).  Making agile practices span supplier-customer boundary.
e.        Ilog has an update to the Agile Business Rules Development practices and make it a first class citizen in the Practice library.
f.        Plan to provide some new tool features to simplify creating and managing processes (DP, CP). Configuration Free Process: Ability to create and re-use a CP in any configuration (elements not in the active configuration would be surpressed, no constraint on re-using a CP in a specific configuration or subset).  Sync Free Descriptors: Descriptors are a link to the method content vs. being a copy that requires synchronization.  These would be optional features, the old way of building CPs would still be supported.
g.        Bruce asked if anyone has any case studies/success stories that could be help grow the community.
h.        Chris Armstrong said that he could potentially contribute a case study/success story related to APG leveraging EPF and other open standards to manage a family of inter-related enterprise
i.        Mark Lines said that Statistics Canada has successfully leveraged on 6 projects and felt that this would also provide a good case study.  Mark will follow-up on this.
j.        Chris Armstrong noted that the Swiss Federal Government has leveraged EPF to build a project management tool used by 5000 people.  He will investigate this.
k.        Chris S. noted that the use of EPF by the Open Group did not get enough coverage in his opinion.  Julian said he would look into getting case study about this.
l.        Mark noted that a Reference Card on DZONE (one page summary of initiative) would be a useful piece of collateral.  Mark and Julian will work on this.
m.        Mark also noted that there is a one-day course on Introduction to EPF that he and Steve created and plan to contribute.
n.        Ana has some ideas on for practice to CMMI mapping as well as Agile-PMBoK content.  Both of these will need some vetting from an IP perspective.
o.        Ana also did some work on re-factoring Scrum and wants to know if this is something that we should put more effort into.  Ana will schedule a time to discuss this.
5)        Release date:
a.        Tool release date of August 13 was proposed.  We should probably align the content release with this.  Courses, whitepapers, case studies and other supporting material does not have to wait until the release to make available (this content does need to go through IP review, however).
b.        There were no objections to the proposed release date.
6)        Face to face meetings
a.        Ana asked if we should plan a face-face meeting.
b.        The obvious issue with this these days is travel budgets have been slashed.
c.        June 6 – 10 is the Rational User conference. Julian, Mark, Chris, Bruce, Chris A. and Jim will probably be at the conference.  We will plan to have a get together during this.
d.        If there are other conferences that would justify travel we should consider those as well.
7)        We will schedule the next call in two weeks (Thurs. Jan 28th).  We will shoot for calls every two weeks this year to keep a steady rhythm.

4        Issues/Decisions/Actions

See items in red above.

Next call will be Jan 28th, 2010 at 11:00 am ET. See EPF calendar for agenda and dial-in number.