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Re: [epf-dev] Rename 2LPP practice

I support this renaming. It fits the intent better.


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07/14/2009 10:49 AM

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[epf-dev] Rename 2LPP practice


There is a discussion in Bugzilla you might be interested in looking at:

The Two Level Project Planning (2LPP) practice talks about the "high level" plan, and assumes that ID practice is selected, which in turn talks about the "low level" plans.
Some people have been mislead by the fact the practice is called 2LPP and they only see there is really one level of planning in it.

There is a proposal to rename 2LPP to Release Planning. When one selects Release Planning practice and Iterative Development practice, then the 2 levels of planning are covered, but individually selected, each practice covers only the level it is designed for.

If you have any objections with renaming the practice from 2LPP to Release Planning, please visit the bug above and post your comments there so we capture the discussion thread in one place.

If there aren't any objections by Wednesday next week (7/15), we will make the changes.

Thank you.

Ricardo Balduino.

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