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RE: [epf-dev] Query: Who is Building Stand-alone EPF Content?

Jim, as you may know, APG has created the APG TOGAF Process Library (ATPL) using EPFC 1.2. The ATPL was built from scratch and does not incorporate any EPF Practices. APG has also begun working on ATPL Plus (ATPL+) which describe APG-specific extensions to the base TOGAF. I believe ATPL consists of 1200+ model elements (that cover the 500+ pages of the TOGAF 8.1.1 specification). A version of ATPL for TOGAF 9 is under development (which is 50% larger than TOGAF 8) that will be done in EPFC 1.5/RMC 7.5.


We have created one such plugin – ATPL+ Govern Solution Architectures (ATPL+GSA). We then used ATPL+GSA as the basis for integrating TOGAF with RUP and created ATPL+ IBM Rational Unified Process (ATPL+RUP), which we did with RMC 7.2. We are in the process of developing ATPL+ Telelogic System Architect (ATPL+TSA – I guess we’ll have to rename it ATPL+RSA now – a little confusing, but, oh well). ATPL+TSA is a set of tool mentors that extend ATPL+ for using System Architect to do enterprise architecture using TOGAF.


You can find out more about all these at our website at:


ATPL: http://www.aprocessgroup.com/products/product_02_0103.asp

ATPL+GSA: http://www.aprocessgroup.com/products/product_02_010401.asp

ATPL+RUP: http://www.aprocessgroup.com/products/product_02_010402.asp


Let me know if there’s anything else you need that would be helpful.


Thanks, Chris ~:|



Chris Armstrong ~:|


Armstrong Process Group, Inc.

651.491.5575 c

651.204.9297 f

6514915575@xxxxxxxxxxx cell message


    "proven practical process"


Come see APG at:


OMG Technical Meeting – 20th Anniversary

June 22-26, San Jose, Costa Rica


Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference

July 20-24, 2009, Toronto, ON



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I'm interested in finding out how many people are creating content using EPF Composer, but are not using the EPF Practice Library. Or, you're just using the EPF Practice Library for a minority of the content you publish. It would be useful to understand how many organizations are creating a (comparatively) large amount of content as opposed to creating small extensions to existing practices.

I'd appreciate it if you could respond to the newsgroup or to me personally if you prefer with a quick note letting me know approximately how many pages/elements you're creating, and the nature of the project (large enterprise content deployment, content that covers specialized areas, etc).

This is useful for the EPF community to know as people want to provide services or training around the way the tool and content is actually being used.

Much thanks,
Jim Ruehlin, EPF Committer

Jim Ruehlin, IBM Rational Software
Method Architect, ADC CoP
voice: 949.545.8912