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[epf-dev] Some advice on policy for accepted paper that are unable to follow through

Hello Everyone


Once again I am donning my grim costume and posing another uncomfortable scenario: I am planning to put all accepted XRs on a strict time schedule with probably one or two major milestones that if missed means we will likely decline the paper. For example, we expect to have a draft paper by the first week of May. I do not want to get into a situation where someone sloughs off the task until the last moment and then somehow it becomes our problem to help the submitter get their paper in. Also I think if we try to set up milestone that pace the submitters then they are better able to manage their time (hmm, where have I heard this before, small frequent releases?) Of course we're not going to be right bastards about this, crisis happen, but I want to know what your opinion and feelings are  creating a policy where if accepted submitters cannot meet the product schedule for their paper, then they will be dropped from the program. Of course that opens a hole in the program and brings up another questions, what backup do we have for people who may have to drop out for whatever reasons? What was the drop out rate for Agile 2008?


best regards,