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RE: [epf-dev] Reminder: EPF meeting on 11/14 - 8AM PST

Will this be recorded? I have a really late night tonight and getting up for 8:00am may be difficult (awe poor baby I know).


best regards,



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Subject: [epf-dev] Reminder: EPF meeting on 11/14 - 8AM PST


Hello folks,

Tomorrow at our regular EPF call, we will have Kelli Houston presenting and demoing the Method Authoring guidelines donated to EPF. Please join us.

Information on Google calendar at: http://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=bzIxdm50M204NnI2Y21oYWdmdnNldjFwMm9fMjAwOTAxMTRUMTYwMDAwWiBhamhvdTlpMTd0dWo2M25tNml1N3Fwbm90OEBn&ctz=America/Los_Angeles Also pasted here for your convenience:

To join online, click the link below.

Meeting Link:
Fill out the required fields on InterCall Web Meeting (formerly Raindance Meeting Edition) box
Conference ID: 8337892
Join Meeting

You no longer need to call into the audio conference. Once the moderator arrives online, the service will automatically offer to dial your phone number.

In case you want to dial the number:
Toll-free dial-in number (USA): 800.528.2856
International dial-in number: 770.325.4737

Note: this conference information will be exclusively used for the demo tomorrow. Next week, please refer to Google calendar for the usual conf call info.


Ricardo Balduino.