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Re: [epf-dev] epf composer and content entry

Good feedback, Christian. Currently we have no plans in that direction. Feel free to propose something.

Thanks and best regards,
Peter Haumer.


PETER HAUMER, Dr. rer. nat.
Rational Method Composer | Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software | IBM Software Group

From: Christian Nentwich <christian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: epf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 11/20/2008 03:12
Subject: [epf-dev] epf composer and content entry


Here's some feedback for you on EPF Composer, and some questions.

The tool seems very much oriented towards maintenance and maintaining
structural/model integrity, and it is good at that. However, to be
frank, it's not very useful for new content creation at the moment,
because a) it's not oriented towards data entry and b) the structural
overhead would put process analysts off.

In the project at hand, we are documenting existing processes and trying
to capture them in EPF. There are _hundreds_ of work products, roles and
tasks. Right click -> New, with a persistence call every time leading to
a three second delay is just not feasible, never mind asking process
managers unfamiliar with the tool to choose readable as well as internal
names. They want to be able to set up their roles, tasks, etc., fast -
maintaining process information is already a burden, making it harder is
not a good idea from our point of view.

Our users now maintain the method content in a spreadsheet, which we
have written an importer for. Does the EPF project have any plans to
facilitate rapid data entry? Am I describing a use case that is just not
what the project is intended for (i.e. is it intended for browsing and
tweaking standard processes like OpenUP)?


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