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[epf-dev] EPF Wiki 1.5 available

Hi all,

The 1.5 release for EPF Wiki is available on the downloads page.


The following is new or updated:

-          epfwiki_r1_5_20081021_0316.zip: install files for the 1.5 release

-          EPF Wiki Installation Guide for the 1.5 release

-          epfwiki_r1_5_20081021_0316_patch.zip patch to update 1.5 RC1 (epfwiki_r1_5_rc1.zip) to the 1.5 release.

-          EPF Wiki R1.5 Patch : patch installation steps and details.


If you are using the 1.5 RC1 release, it is recommended that you update your installation. Details on enhancements and bug fixes are in EPF Wiki R1.5 Patch.


You can have a look at this release in my test environment, for example at http://tuesday.epfwiki.net.

Use on of the following test accounts: administrator account andy.kaufman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with password Andy Kaufman, user account cash.oshman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with password Cash Oshman


If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Best Regards,







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