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RE: [epf-dev] Re: OpenUP course material - work in progress

Thanks for sending the PPT through.
First impressions are great. I hope to have some more concrete feedback and
ideas for you early next week.

A couple of immediate questions though, for you and the community: 
- Who do you see as the target audience for this PPT?
- Should we create a set of re-usable PPT material, as opposed to a series
of decks?
- Is there an EPF Project PPT template we should use for our "donated"


Julian Holmes
Unified Process Mentors

E. Julian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P. +44 7739 338322
W. www.UPMentors.com

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Hi Julian:

Apologies for not getting back sooner. Attached is a copy of the
presentation. I'm presenting it tonight for a local user group. It needs
some refinement still for "prime time" What I really want to do, is get some
consistency in the message we present that includes coming up with a common
logo/model for EPF and OpenUP. I stuck with the "Flower Petal" model for
this because it is all I have at the moment. 

I will send you the presentation in a separate e-mail because its over 10MB
and will be blocked by the Eclipse server.

best regards,
Steve Adolph

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Subject: [epf-dev] Re: OpenUP course material - work in progress

I would like to help in the development of this content.
Can you send out the latest version, with your outstanding actions list?

Likewise I would be keen to build my own commercial content upon the common
message, but I also want to have a consistent message for the project.