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[epf-dev] Promoting OpenUP and EPF

You may be interested to know...

Mark Lines and I have been at a number of conferences over the last few
days, weeks, and months promoting EPF and OpenUP:
RSDC's in Orlando, India, and UK
UK Rational User Group
Agile Business Conference UK

Our "Process Wars" session was well received, even by the Agile purists.
It was also very promising to discover the large number of people at the
Agile Business Conference who already knew of OpenUP and had downloaded it.
Hopefully many more will join us having heard our pitch!

It's a light-hearted look at process history, and with "A New Hope" in the
form of OpenUP.
The RSDC version can be downloaded, with audio, from our web-site under the
June (RSDC Orlando) dates:

Finally, if anyone wants the PPT, let me know.


Julian Holmes
Unified Process Mentors

E. Julian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
P. +44 7739 338322
W. www.UPMentors.com