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[epf-dev] re: Agenda Item to Add for today's EPF meeting - 30, 60, 90 day goals

Title: re: Agenda Item to Add for today's EPF meeting - 30,60,90 day goals

By request of Ricardo,

These are the goals initially captured in the F2F in Vancouver to be listed as an Agenda item to review along with Practicing the Scrum plug-in

General themes expressed were to meet our current schedule, get the word out on the EPF practice libraries, involve more institutions and people so as not to appear to be IBM dominated, and make content revisions more social-networking like by adoption of Web 2.0 standards, YouTube, Wiki, and separate websites. Not all tasks have owners.

There was some prioritization achieved through the voting and it is summarized below in order of priority:

3 Months                                                                Owner


1. Complete Existing Bug fixes for the current Milestone                                 ALL

    - Plan bug fixes for next milestone

2. Create an EPF Composer version of the existing IBM RMC                  Bruce M.

    Learning labs

    - Bruce had started this. It has great value       

3. Bring 3 other people to the EPF project                                              Team Leads

    - We need more involvement to the teams

4. Gain commitment to Web 2.0 and Wiki for EPF changes                     Ken C.

    - EPFC is cumbersome, there may be better ways to do this

5. Create ICSE Abstract                                                                         Steve A.

6. Create SEPG San Diego abstract                                                       Bruce M.

7. Create a separate Hosted site for the OpenUP/EPF libs                       Steve A.

8. Define a clear Vision for EPF 2.0

9. Create the packaging of material for OpenUP/EPF

6 Months                                                                Owner


1. Bring in 1 Corporate Contributor to the EPF project                     Ken C.

    - HP? Accenture? Other?

2. Start new Practice Libraries

    - User Story Driven Development                                                   Kim W.

    - Simple Requirements Management                                               Jim R.

    - Environment Enablement                                                              Bruce M., Ken C.

3. Define Long-Term Vision past EPF 2.0                                          Ken C.

4. Create an Outline of a new Book                                                    Steve A., Bruce M., Kim W.

5. Add more Content to our Website

6. Create some sample Lifecycles using the EPF libraries

7. Bring in 1 Academic Institution contributor to the EPF Project

9 Months                                                                Owner


1. True wiki-based tooling solution for EPF in Beta                          Bruce M., Ken C., Kim W.

2. Ship a Book                                                                                     Steve A., Bruce M., Kim W.

3. Library of Customer Centered examples                                        Jim R.

    - Sanitized, used with permission

    - Customized Process Content

    - Teammates

4. Delivery of EPF 2.0

5. Promote EPF externally at Symposiums, Conferences,                 

    or workshops

6. Bring 1 other Corporate Contributor to the EPF project

7. Bring 1 other Academic Institution contributor to the EPF Project