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RE: [epf-dev] [Ann] Mike Vizdos in Vancouver Sunday - Wednesday (July 13-16, 2008)

Hi Mike:

I'm doing some crazy (and very cool) all nighters Sunday and Monday, but if
you are still in town Tuesday evening, maybe we can arrange something.

best regards,

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Hi all,

Ug... looks like I will miss the face-to-face; however, I *will* be in  
town to do a "Certified ScrumMaster" class on Monday and Tuesday next  

That is not the main purpose of this email though.

In reality, if you are interested in attending, please let me know off- 
list and I will see if we can get you in (smile).

The main purpose of this email is to see if any "locals" would be  
interested in meeting either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday night for  
dinner or something.  I have crossed paths with a lot of people on  
this list and wanted to see if there is any chance we can connect  
while I am in town.

Invite extended... hopefully someone will respond back and we can  
coordinate something before the official face-to-face (I will be down  
in Phoenix ug).

Thank you,

- Mike Vizdos
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