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AW: [epf-dev] Conference information - EPF Content Call on 2/20, 8AM PST

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards

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  Betreff: [epf-dev] Conference information - EPF Content Call on 2/20, 8AM PST

Hello all,

Here's the conference information for our meeting tomorrow.

Toll-free dial-in:                    1-877-421-0025
Toll dial-in:                             1-770-615-1242
IBM Tie-line dial-in:             421-0025
Participant passcode:        876927


  1) Join the conference up to 20 minutes prior to 8:00 AM at 2/20/2008
  2) Direct your web browser to the following URL:      http://www.ibm.com/collaboration/webconferences/center/meetingdetails.jsp?meetingId=05ED636644938960A0ACE9D4EAE0364F
  3) When prompted, enter the web conference password:  


- Meeting participants
  + A userid and password is not required to enter the meeting.
  + A meeting password is required.
  + Browsers supported
      Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP Professional
      Mozilla 1.7.12 on Windows XP Professional
      Mozilla 1.7.6 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0 or Novell Linux Desktop 9.0
      Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP Professional, RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0, and Novell Linux Desktop 9.0
  + Java JDK/JRE supported
      IBM or Sun JDK/JRE 1.4.2 or later - Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows XP Professional
      IBM or Sun JRE 1.4.2 or later - RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and Novell Linux Desktop 9.0 

      - To determine whether you have Java installed, and what version you have, for
        Microsoft (R) Internet Explorer, for example, click Tools - Internet Options, and then
        click Advanced. For other Microsoft(R) Windows(R)-based browsers, check the Java Control panel.
        IBM users can Download the latest version of Java from ISSI.
        External customers can Download the latest version of Java from Sun Microsystems
        Web site at http://www.java.sun.com
      - Additional Browser setting Help can be found at :

  + If this is your first IBM Web Conference, attend the special "test"
    meeting to make sure that you can join easily.  Please visit
    and click "Attend a test meeting"
  + Help is available at
  + Leave the meeting or close your browser at the end of the meeting.

IBM Web Conferences is powered by the IBM Lotus Sametime product.
For more information on IBM's internal deployment of Sametime Web conferencing:

For more information on the Lotus Sametime product: http://www.ibm.com/lotus/sametime

To make a suggestion or ask questions, visit


Ricardo Balduino

Solution Architecture (SOLAR) Community of Practice
IBM Rational Expertise Development and Innovation

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