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[epf-dev] News group posting on Practices

Hi, FYI,
I just posted the below note to the newsgroup. Hope to see you in tomorrow's meeting. I am presenting on among others OpenUP at a seminar, and may be a few minutes late. Bruce and Ricardo will walk through status of practice library, and discuss what are next steps to complete it.

The EPF project is entering a new exciting phase!
When we first launched EPF, our vision was to build a practice library allowing you to select practices to adopt, one at the time. This better mimics how many people do process improvement. You may strive to adopt a process, but you get there by adopting a practice at the time. It avoids fighting over what process is better, and instead focuses the debate on a more productive discussion, what practices make sense for your context.
The realization of this vision is now getting much closer. IBM has taken OpenUP, and refactored it into 11 practices which now have been contributed back to EPF. Next major release of EPF aims at completing this practice library. You can leverage this practice library to recreate Scrum (with Scrum roles), something similar to Scrum + XP , or recreate OpenUP (with OpenUP roles). You can add or remove practices as desired. You can create your own practices. You are in control. You choose…
This is a major internal milestone. Check out current practices under development at EPF Wiki, http://epf.eclipse.org/wikis/epfpraclib/ . Still a lot of work left to do, but it is getting there...
We would love to get your feedback. Do we have the right practices? Do the practices have the right content? Make your comments directly in the Wiki. Make posts to this newsgroup or to epf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx .
We would love to get your involvement in the development of this practice library. Sign up to develop a practice. Or parts of practice. Send an e-mail to epf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx if you want to get involved.
The EPF team is looking forward to your feedback, your adoption, and your contributions.
Tomorrow, Wed Feb 20, 11 AM EST, we have our regular weekly content team meeting. Join if you are interested in contributing. Or join any subsequent meeting. We would love your involvement, see meeting calendar for EPF at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/eclipseprocessframework/cal .
Per Kroll
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[epf-dev]         Conference information - EPF Content Call on 2/20, 8AM PST

Hello all,

Here's the conference information for our meeting tomorrow.

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