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Re: [epf-dev] Scrum Translation - Brazilian Portuguese

Hi all,

Have been out for a while, wired again now. :)

Interested on contributing to the translation as well.



On 9/18/07, Ana Paula Valente Pereira <apereira@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Ricardo.. it was I that opened the bug for the scrum translation for portuguese a long time ago ... but did not have the time to work on it because I was working on OpenUP... but I also agree that the best way is to use the wiki... so go ahead with "brazilian portuguese"  :-)


On 9/18/07, Ricardo Balduino < balduino@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is great news!

There is indeed a guideline as pointed out below, and if you look in CVS on the following location, you see that there is a folder structure where you find a baseline library, a folder to accommodate HTML files and placeholder library to import translated HTML files:

However, you may notice that an alternative approach (not captured in the guideline yet) is to use the EPF Wiki for content translation. That's the approach the community preferred to use for OpenUP translation to Portuguese, as it allows non-committers (who don't have write access to CVS) to work and see the results right-away in order to promote feedback. The OpenUP-PT community also created a specific Yahoo group to discuss work assignments and technicalities.

We could make a Scrum-PT published site available in the EPF Wiki and interested parties would provide their comments and translated content in there. Keep in mind though that we are in the process of hosting the Wiki on Eclipse servers, so meanwhile you might want to start getting organized, dividing work, etc.

There is currently a bug in Bugzilla for the translation of Scrum to Portuguese, but I haven't seen any progress there in a while: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=178930

I hope the information can give some thoughts for follow-up discussion.


Ricardo Balduino
IBM Rational Software (www.ibm.com/rational)
Eclipse Process Framework (www.eclipse.org/epf)

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Re: [epf-dev] Scrum Translation - Brazilian Portuguese

Hi Samuel and Maciel,

I am traveling today, but I will try and send some instructions and pointers out tomorrow.  If you do a search of the mailing list you should find a pointer to a post by Ricardo on the process associated with plugin translations.


I thought that someone had already started a European Portugese transalation, if that is helpful (excuse my ignorance if it is not).


On 9/18/07, Maciel, Eduardo <eduardo.maciel@xxxxxx > wrote:
Hello Samuel,


    I´m interested and I´d like to contribute to the translation.





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terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2007 14:42
[epf-dev] Scrum Translation - Brazilian Portuguese




I´m interested on translating the EPF Scrum library into Brazilian Portuguese.


I do not have acess to the RMC tool, so, I´d like to have someone helping me with the export/import process described at the translating method content library guideline.


I believe that the translation will be straightforward since the EPF simplifies an already simple process J


Can someone help me on this?


In fact I need it for process documentation inside my company and I'll have to right it anyway, so, I'd like to contribute the translated library to the EPF project.


Thank you,





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