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[epf-dev] [Scrum] Proposed Agenda - Scrum Status Call - 30 Aug 2007

Hi All,

Not a lot has gone on this week, but it will still be nice to meet for a while to go over the status in person.

Wiki Changes:
ToDo ID Page Version Created Created By Reviewer Site
858 Concept: Product, Release and Sprint Link_gs Versions Version 1 Compare Txt 01:38 PM 23-Aug-07 Lyndon Washington
Scrum Link_gs

ToDo ID Title Created Created By Reviewer Page Site
23 In the 'Modified By' column... 01:46 PM 23-Aug-07 Lyndon Washington
Artifact: Product Backlog Link_gs Comment Scrum Link_gs

Bugzilla Issues:
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
176503 nor P3 All mjv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASSI
[scrum] - Develop guideline for Introduction of Scrum
178930 nor P3 Wind epf.content.translation-inb... NEW
[Scrum_PT] SCRUM translation to Portuguese
184288 nor P3 Linu hoshposh-epf-bugzilla@xxxxxxxx ASSI
[scrum] Scrum phases should get added as a Delivery process
185390 nor P3 Linu hoshposh-epf-bugzilla@xxxxxxxx ASSI
[scrum] Need an index added to the Scrum plugin.
186145 nor P3 Linu hoshposh-epf-bugzilla@xxxxxxxx ASSI
[Scrum] Need to define a vision or scope for the initial plugin release
200409 nor P3 Wind epf.content-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW
[scrum] Scrum plug-in needs an about box
200990 nor P3 Linu epf.content.translation-inb... NEW
[Scrum] Need English translation of the image on the Guidance > Product, Release and Sprint

Look forward to seeing you all.