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Re: [epf-dev] Wednesday Release Planning Call


Translation is happening. If you look in the Wiki, you see the translation activities for Portuguese, Spanish and Russian that are taking place there.
We got Eclipse legal to compromise on a good approach to bring the wiki to Eclipse infrastructure. This should happen soon, and Onno (recently voted committer) is the strongest candidate to help on that.
The translation teams should soon discuss the "migration" of the translated content to OpenUP 1.0.
You all should hear news on these matters preety soon.


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[epf-dev] Wednesday Release Planning Call

Hello everyone:
After last week’s call, I was thinking more about what I believe is necessary to include in  the next release of OpenUP. In my opinion a methodology does not survive and prosper based on its own merits, it survives because there is a community. IMHO, XP and Scrum have taken off because they are easy to get started with (although the ease of getting started does not necessarily imply ease of use), they have charismatic champions telling their audience what the audience wants to hear. There is a wide range of supporting material including books and courses to help people get started with these methods. If OpenUP is to survive and find its place in the hearts and minds of developers then we need to focus on capturing people’s imaginations. In this era of 10 second sound bites we need to do that quickly. I would like to propose the following activities for general and overarching issues:
1)      We need an OpenUP course – or more to the point, course material we can spin into a half day tutorial or re-spin into a two day “hands on” workshop. Something that not only introduced OpenUP but iterative development. A possible course title is “Iterative Development with OpenUP”.
2)      I think we need a version of OpenUP that is less intimidating than the version we have at the moment. OpenUP is suppose to be for small teams yet it has the appearance of a voluminous and complex process. What if we created some kind of “abridged” version that reduced the cognitive load on the early adopters?  This version would not be maintained as part of the composer. Rather, it would be more like a cheat sheet that simply captured the essence, phase,  iterations, work item list, focus on architecture, risk management.  A version that if a person took a half day OpenUP tutorial they had  at least a chance of making a positive change using OpenUP.
3)      I also believe we need to strongly encourage and support translation efforts. I know there was some interest in creating a Russian translation of OpenUP,  but I do not know what has happened since.
4)      A book? I was intrigued by the suggestion of creating a “red book”. I don’t know if I can physically sequester myself with a writing team, but I am willing to wager that we have enough material between us to create a simple book. Perhaps “Post Agile Development with OpenUP”
These are just some thoughts I had for tomorrow’s call. Look forward to chatting with you all…
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