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[epf-dev] EPF Developers for Epfwiki.net - 'For' and 'by' the EPF Community?

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if there are EPF committers that would want access to the Subversion repository of http://epfwiki.net.


The approval of the donation is expected any time now but as there is still some internal discussion going I thought we can get started anyway independent of the timetable of Eclipse Legal by working together on epfwiki.net.

After it passes review we can update the donated code with the enhancements and bug fixes.


If you are interested in contributing or you just want a peek, please let me know.

I can create an account for you, so you can access the repository using Subversion and SSH. The recommended IDE is RadRails but a Subversion client such as Tortoise should suffice.

Best Regards,





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