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[epf-dev] CM content telecon

There will be a telecon on Friday, May 11 at 2:00 pm EDT (11:00 am PDT) to discuss proposed changes to the Configuration & Change Management Discipline.  The call is expected to last 1 hour.
Dial-in Number
US                 1-888-270-6089
International    1-702-759-8412
PIN                 786721#
These proposed changes are the result of a number of issues identified in the last month or so with the current structure of the OpenUP/Basic library as it relates to the C&CM discipline.  Relevant Bugzilla entries are:
154065 09:13:45 nor P3 PC ASSI EPF Content 0.9 1.0 M8 CM - There is no configuration mgmt content in "Configura...
176260 Tue 14:19 nor P3 All RESO EPF Content 0.9 1.0 M8 Dev - Disabling the CM package causes a reference error i...
186142 11:03:46 nor P3 All ASSI EPF Content 0.9 1.0 M8 CM - Create task: Integrate and Create Build
Closely associated are the following items:
176257 13:51:00 nor P3 All ASSI EPF Content 0.9 1.0 M8 Dev - Reconsider where the Build is created
171112 2007-05-02 nor P3 All ASSI EPF Content 0.9 1.0 M8 Dev - Incorporate concepts of Continuous Integration
In summary, I propose we create a "configuration_management" package within the collaboration package to capture the CM content, including the new task.  The motivation for this change is the fact that Configuration Management is a prime enabler of effective collaboration, is a core capability for any software development effort, and it spans multiple disciplines (as evidenced by 176260 and 176257).  Whether or not we move the current Change Management content to this package is still to be determined and will be part of the discussion.
Since the release date fast approaches and we do not want to make any structural changes in M9, I would like to gain consensus on the way forward so these changes can be implemented this month.  Please review the above bugs prior to the meeting.
You may also find the screencam available at: http://www.greenbeltpress.com/movies/crma37.html both amusing and insightful.
Chris Sibbald

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