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[epf-dev] Content translation

Hi everyone,

The guideline on content translation has been updated to indicate how we would like to use Bugzilla for the translation effort. See guideline here (http://www.eclipse.org/epf/general/documentation.php).

Here you have the highlights:

- We Have a separate component in Bugzilla, with a default inbox for receiving the bugs related to translation of content
        - Component: “Content Translation
        - Default Inbox: epf.content.translation-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx (replaced later by assignee’s email address)
        - For each issue raised against this component, we should use the following convention
                - Use prefix on the bug Summary to determine which method it refers to. Examples of prefixes:
                        - [OpenUP_PT] for OpenUP Portuguese
                        - [Scrum_EN] for Scrum English
- Each contribution comes through a separate bug raised against "Content Translation" component, with translated HTML files attached to it. These separate bugs should have the contributor as the assignee.
- Any other bugs related to the “source” method (which in most cases will be in English) should be raised against Bugzilla using the “Content” component (until there is a need to create separate components for each “source” method as well).

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ricardo Balduino
Senior Software Engineer

IBM Rational Software (www.ibm.com/rational)
EPF Committer (www.eclipse.org/epf)