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[epf-dev] Looking for Use Case Templates & Examples

Hello all,


We've been discussing how we can make writing use cases easier for a
wider range of practitioners, e.g. experienced analysts, developers
using use cases for the first time, old-timers who are used to
decomposing their requirements, etc. We think that offering a variety of
use case templates will help us in this endeavor, as long as we can
describe the best circumstances in which to use each template.


If you have any use case templates that have been useful for you, please
consider contributing them to OpenUP/Basic. Attach any templates you'd
like to contribute as a reply to this email and we'll consider them at
the February F2F meeting this Thurs/Fri.  


Examples of the two templates we're currently considering are attached
to the following bugzillas:








Jim Ruehlin, IBM Rational

RUP Content Developer

Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Committer www.eclipse.org/epf

email:   jruehlin@xxxxxxxxxx

phone:  760.505.3232

fax:      949.369.0720