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Re: [epf-dev] E1 Iteration Assessment and E2 Iteration Plan

I have one comment about the following objective planned for the current iteration:

        Incorporate XP content in OpenUP – Part 1 – Ricardo

According to discussions during the resolution of this bug, new bugs were created per content area suggesting the agreed XP content to be added.
The bug referenced above has been closed.
The expectation is that each package owner would deal with the respective bugs in their areas.

Should that be part of the iteration plan instead of the bug above?


Ricardo Balduino
Senior Software Engineer

IBM Rational (www.ibm.com/rational)
EPF Committer (www.eclipse.org/epf)

I'm speaking at EclipseCon 2007

Per Kroll/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS
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01/31/2007 07:52 PM

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[epf-dev] E1 Iteration Assessment and E2 Iteration Plan


attached you find the outcome of today's assessment and planning meeting. Feedback is appreciated.

If you own a bug that has not been closed for M4 (E1), the please either ensure it is closed asap, or move to M5 (E2). It is increasingly obvious that we

- Are not tracking to plan. We need to discuss appropriate actions in our F2F next week.

- Need new fresh blood that can help reinvigorate OpenUP development activities and build a community also around XP content

There are also a number of positives

- XP donation completed

- Good progress in several packages, such as requirements mgmt, architecture, development, and general

- Reinvigorated discussions around test

For status, see



Per Kroll
STSM, Manager Methods: RUP / RMC
Project Lead: Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software, IBM Corp
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