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Re: [epf-dev] Request for discussion: Redefining Architecture Content for OpenUP/Basic 1.0

Thanks for this Scott

I like the emphasis on storming the architecture on a JIT basis - it does a
good job of emphasising how the architecture is defined collaboratively and

Can we work with this idea to identify typical early goals for words,
pictures and code?

For example, in early iterations (typically in Inception and Elaboration)
we could;

a) Storm diagrams to agree
   architecture style
   technology choices
   identify the initial major components/subsystems and their interfaces
   principal abstractions / entities of the data model
   deployment across the network
   blah blah

b) write just enough words to
   make sure that the decisions made in above are understood by the team
   (and can be remembered)
   identify the most important mechanisms requiring a common solution and
   decide in which iteration they need to be made concrete

c) produce just enough software to
   satisfy the team that the approach is viable, with the view that if
   possible this software is evolved as part of the ongoing product

I could see this kind of activity happening mostly around the whiteboard
with the team and taking anywhere between an hour and a couple of days,
depending on the complexity of the work and the maturity of the

Just some thoughts



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On Mon, January 22, 2007 6:18 am, Mark.Dickson@xxxxxxxxx said:
> 1. Emphasise the idea of "just enough architecture" so that a team using
> OpenUP/Basic can quickly start to deliver software in a consistent and
> coherent way

In AMDD, http://www.agilemodeling.com/essays/amdd.htm , we talk about how
you need to do just a bit of architectural modeling early in the project
to identify your architectural vision.  My December newsletter in DDJ
described just how much modeling needs to be done for various situations.
Perhaps we can take ideas from it?  See

The details should be model stormed JIT.

> 2. Integrate the concept of Architecture with the build-centric
> of agile methods. OpenUP/Basic is already build-centric. We need to show
> that Architecture has value in evolving a good build.

Yes.  A bit of initial architecture modeling with JIT model storming seems
to work wonders.

> 3. We also need to clearly show how architecture tasks and products are
> *not* some sort of document-centric overhead that is somehow orthogonal
> the core objective of building software. Yes, the architecture work can
> generate documents and models. The point is that these are only created
> when they are necessary as steps on the path to getting a team working
> together.

Perhaps we should use terms such as "Architectural Sketches" and not
"Architecture Models"?

- Scott
Practice Leader Agile Development, IBM Rational

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