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Re: [epf-dev] Need help with EPF source

Hi Dean,

You probably have checked out the source from the EPF HEAD stream. It contains the most recent code deliveries targeted for EPF 1.1, and requires a new development environment. We plan to update the EPF web site next week with new development guidelines. In the interim, stick to the EPF code branch. To do that, right click on your EPF Composer plug-in projects in the Package Explorer view and select Team > Switch to Another Branch or Version...


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[epf-dev] Need help with EPF source

Hi All,

I tried to follow
EPF Composer Development Guide available on the web. I download all the require environment and check the source out of epf.

Once the check out was done, there are more than 20,000 error. I closed the eclipse and reopen then the errors went down to 6222. I need some guide on how to get this to work. I haven't use eclipse before but have some prior knowledge in Java. For the moment I would like to be able to build the epf-composer from the scratch.

Any advice is really appreciated. Meanwhile, I will try to cruise around the eclipse workbench and tutorial.

Please feel free to give me the link to any tutorial that would help with epf-composer development. We could take this offline. I just don't know who is the best person to contact.

Best Regards,
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