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[epf-dev] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=162639

Hi Folks,
I just added the following entry to the subject bug:
We did not discuss the comments on the Glossary during the Nov. 20th review. 
There are no contentious issues, however there is a technical difficulty.

It is generally agreed that the Glossary could be updated at any time, by any
role, as new terms are identified (those that may be ambiguous or domain
specific).  Unfortunately, the "Modified By" field cannot be set (it is derived
based on tasks that have this artifact as an output).  I can think of three

1)We could add the Glossary as an output of every task, which would result in
the "Modified by" field displaying all roles and the "Output From" field having
all tasks displayed. However, it is generally agreed this is pretty messy.

2) We could leave the relationships as is, but add the text "Note: although
listed as the output of the requirements tasks, the glossary may in fact be
updated at any time, by any role as new terms are identified" to the Key
Considerations section.

3) A third option is to create a task "Update Glossary", which is performed by
"Any Role".  But that is also a bit of a kludge as well (I don't think this is
important enough to warrant a task).

I prefer option 2.  If there are no objections by COB Dec. 12 I will implement
option 2.
If you are fine with Option 2, no action.  Otherwise add your concern or another option to the bug by COB Dec. 12.
Have a good week-end.

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