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[epf-dev] Re: [technology-pmc] EPF: Permission to contribute Scrum process

The Technology PMC approves.
We will, however, note that there is no _requirement_ to translate the material from French to English - Eclipse is a worldwide eco-system and many of the members and users speak French - admittedly fewer than speak English :-) It's your choice.
You will be required to acquire a re-license under the EPL - that CC non-derivation, non-commercial license just isn't going to work at Eclipse. (I'm sure you already knew that, but I had to say it.)

- Bjorn

Per Kroll wrote:
we would like to have permission do start the IP due diligence process in conjunction with contribution of a Scrum process, see http://icescrum.org/process/
Before contribution, Tool Mentors (providing information about usage of a specific tool) will be removed.