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[epf-dev] Today 8 AM PDT => Long term plans


As discussed last week, we will have a meeting today 8 AM PDT to discuss long term plans, that is plans for next release.
Tomorrow 8 AM PDT we will have a retrospective to discuss what worked well and what worked less well.

Call in for both meetings are the same, also see http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/eclipseprocessframework/cal///group/eclipseprocessframework/?v=6&t=1160481600&pv=2&i=0

Toll-free dial-in: 1-877-421-0003
Toll dial-in: 1-770-615-1374
<For IBMers> Tie-line dial-in: 421-0003
Participant passcode: 667201

Example of things to work on:
- Expand to cover also other process. XP, Scrum, Agile Modeling, DSDM...
- Expand OpenUP content beyond OpenUP/Basic to focus on value-add content around MDD, GUI prototyping, database modeling, deployment, etc.

- Leverage content form other processes. Maybe there is good stuff in XP that we can bring over to OpenUP, etc.

- Further expand on the tooling capabilities, covering capabilities such as Wiki.

- Expand the community, gaining more direct involvement and feedback from end user, universities, adopting organizations, and others.


Per Kroll
STSM, Manager Methods: RUP / RMC
Project Lead: Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software, IBM Corp
(M) 408-219-2963