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[epf-dev] Agenda for this week's F2F Meeting of OpenUp/Basic contributors



Here is an initial agenda for the face to face meeting of the OpenUP/Basic contributors that will be held on Thursday and Friday, August 10 and 11.  The meetings will be at the Telelogic facility at 11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 1180, Reston VA, 20190.  Chris Sibbald has been working out logistics such as room size and breakfast; if you are coming and have not done some sort of RSVP, please send a message so he has a good head count.


Thursday (9am – 5pm):


-          Greetings, introductions, and collaboration and commitment on the actual agenda we will follow.


10-11 – Review process

-          Walk through content guidance (and update live as necessary)

-          Walk through review process including its impact on our burndown


11-12 – Burndown

-          Walk through burndown spreadsheet and verify everyone’s understanding and acceptance of it as a management and reporting tool.

-          Make any necessary updates live


1-3:30 – Breakouts for Review

-          Select portions of the EPF content and conduct some reviews in small groups and pairs.  I’m thinking this can be along the lines of an hour each of reviewing two packages with us broken up into three groups.


3:30-4:30 – Review retrospective

-          Discuss review process to drive consistency moving forward.  We might want to do a pass at this in the midpoint of the breakout sessions for faster feedback.


4:30 - 5- Wiki

-          See live demo of OpenUP/Wiki and discuss (as preparation it would be good for all participants to have created an account at http://lcmglab.xs4all.nl).



Friday (9am – 4pm)

9 - 11 – Process Architecture

-          Discuss Per Kroll’s suggestions on process architecture (as related to this bug with a number of attachments: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=152354)

-          Discuss modifications and updates feasible for OpenUP/Basic v1.0

-          Discuss updates appropriate for the next release

-          Prepare a clear response on what is accepted and any elements that are not accepted as-is in his suggestion.


11 - 12 - Outreach

-          Discuss outreach as we approach release (SD Best Practices conference, podcasts, other conferences, periodicals, OpenUP collateral, authoring of white papers, training, press activity)



Devise plan moving forward that gets us to our 1.0 release.


Cover other topics as we desire including

-          Brainstorming on pending tool features and additional features we have identified based on our usage

-          Discussion of extensibility of process using the tool, possibly producing a minimal plug-in that demonstrates our suggested technique(s).

-          Doing a walkthrough of something from Work-Item/Feature identification to integration and verification

-          Walk through and improve the look and feel, possibly leading to new bugs

-          Other package-specific issues that should be worked out in a group.


Note the first agenda item on figuring out the actual agenda we will shoot for.  I have attempted to integrate the handful of responses I got to my first set of topics but I’m expecting the participants will look at this and have ideas for improvement.


There isn’t really time for any homework, but I would like each package owner to be ready to say “This small set of related elements is RESOLVED in bugzilla and appropriate for review”.


                                     ----------- b