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[epf-dev] Change Task: Prototype the UI to Task: Design the UI

Hi all,


There seems to be general consensus among people I’ve spoken with that the task Prototype the UI should be moved from the Implementation discipline to the A&D disicpline. Prototyping the UI is really a design task – different from software design, but design nonetheless. After the UI is designed, it’s implemented with the rest of the software. For that reason the UI doesn’t need its own distinct implementation instructions.


In addition, I propose that the task be changed to Design the UI. Prototyping should be a single step within the context of UI design with an associated guideline created later. As a first cut, here are some steps I would expect to see in Design the UI:

  • Review usability styles of similar applications or websites
  • Review usability standards (e.g. Win XP UI standards and general web UI standards)
  • Define general look/feel (opportunities for guidelines on web usability, PC usability, command-line usability)
  • Define usability standards
  • Prototype the UI
  • Evaluate the UI prototype


Are there any objections or recommendations regarding changing this task? Would “Design the Ux” be better?






Jim Ruehlin, IBM Rational

RUP Content Developer

Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) Committer

email:   jruehlin@xxxxxxxxxx

phone:  760.505.3232

fax:      949.369.0720