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RE: [epf-dev] Ballot for voting on PM process element names and next PMcall

Title: Ballot for voting on PM process element names and next PM call
Hi Folks,
Here are my votes.

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Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 1:19 PM
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Subject: [epf-dev] Ballot for voting on PM process element names and next PMcall

Here is the ballot for voting on PM process element names. I attempted to include the various names people have suggested for these things as choices. If there are any that I overlooked or if there are new ones that people would like to suggest, feel free to write them in under "Other". To cast your vote, reply to this email message, copy me (chris.armstrong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), and place an '"x" in one of the boxes that precede each choice to indicate your vote for each element. The voting closes at 12:00am Friday 7/14 which will allow us to tally the votes and report the results at the next PM conference call (scheduled for 8am PST Friday 7/14) and the epf-dev mail list.


Role #1: [ ] Development lead, [  X ] Project manager, [ ] Team lead, [ ] Technical lead, [ ] Other: _______________

Work Product #1: [ ] Development plan, [  X ] Project plan, [ ] Release plan, [ ] Other: _______________

Work Product #2: [ ] Development item list, [ ] Product backlog, [ ] Development backlog, [  X ] Work item list, [ ] Release backlog, [ ] Cross-project backlog, [ ] System work item list, [ ] Project work item list, [ ] Other: _______________

Work Product #3: [ X  ] Iteration plan, [ ] Other: _______________

Work Product #4: [ ] Task list, [ ] Sprint backlog, [  X ] Work item list, [ ] Team work item list, [ ] Iteration work item list, [ ] Other: _______________; recommended representation of placing this inside of Work Product #3  I think one artifact can work, however there are different types of elements (Change Requests, Defects, "Objective" elements and actionable elements) on this list and each has different attributes and purposes.  In order to use one list, the elements must have a type attribute to classify them so that views of the list can be produced to filter the list and present the appropriate information.  Also, it must be clear that this list does not contain the requirements, which are are captured in other artifacts (Vision, Use Cases, Supporting Requirements), but may reference requirements.

Work Product #5: [  X ] Risk list, [ ] Other: _______________

Work Product #6: [ X  ] Status assessment, [ ] Other: _______________

Report #1: [ ] Development burndown, [ ] Release burndown, [ X  ] Project burndown, [ ] Other: _______________

Report #2: [  X ] Iteration burndown, [ ] Sprint burndown, [ ] Other: _______________


Thanks, Chris ~:|

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