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RE: [epf-dev] Validating Method Content

Thanks Jim.
This looks like a reasonable process.  In fact, it is pretty much the process I have been following for the RM and CM content.
The only question I have is the last step(s) for moving the bug to "Verified".  I wonder if two reviewers is sufficient to provide enough viewpoints/perspectives, or if a broader review is needed?
Perhaps we should establish review boards for each discipline/package to perform the final validation?
When would the bug be "closed"?

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Thanks Jim for proposing that. It actually addresses the "time for review" I mentioned in the other email (before I saw this one:-))
Now, it's a question of who plays each role (author, reviewer 1, reviewer 2).


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[epf-dev] Validaitng Method Content

Hello all,
The question of what “done” means in terms of method content has come up as we’ve been reviewing content this week. In other words, when can a Bugzilla entry be changed from Accepted (or Assigned) to Resolved, and then to Verified.
I propose the following:  
We should also have some kind of acceptance test where all content is reviewed for spelling errors, consistency, globalization considerations, etc.
What do people thing? Would this be more effective than what we have now, or can this plan be made better?
- Jim
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