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RE: [epf-dev] Invitation: EPF Tool/Meta-Model subproject regular meeting (Mar 10 09:00 AM PST)


Thanks for the interests and feedback. After I collect all the feedback on schedule from interested parties, I will see if
we can find a 'good' time. If not, we can discuss other options.

Charlie Yan
IBM Method and IC Engineering
18880 Homestead Rd., Cupertino, CA
Office: 408-342-4681 Mobile: 408-690-4999

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02/28/2006 02:12 AM

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RE: [epf-dev] Invitation: EPF Tool/Meta-Model subproject regular        meeting (Mar 10 09:00 AM PST)

Hi Charles,
We here at ESI would be very happy to take part in your meetings. However due to the time difference between PST and CET the times of these meetings make it very difficult for us to attend. Especially on Fridays where, in Spain, the custom is to work only half days.
I will be the person leading this topic from ESI and suggest that maybe, depending on numbers, we could organise a European meeting too and workwith eachother "off-line". Obviously this is dependent on the number and distribution of participating members.
Please let me know your thoughts.

From: Charles Yan [mailto:cyan@xxxxxxxxxx]
martes, 28 de febrero de 2006 6:25
[epf-dev] Invitation: EPF Tool/Meta-Model subproject regular meeting (Mar 10 09:00 AM PST)

Calendar Entry


EPF Tool/Meta-Model subproject regular meeting





09:00 AM - 10:30 AM (1 hour 30 minutes)


First meeting



Every 2nd week on Friday for 52 weeks


Charles Yan/Cupertino/IBM


Required (to)


Optional (cc)

EPF Dev Members,

This email is to establish a regular EPF Too/Meta-Model subproject meeting. The initial proposal is to hold a meeting
every other Friday from 9 to 10:30am PST starting from March 10, 2006. Please let me know if you are interested in
attending this meeting and if this time is workable for you. Con call info and Agenda will follow after we get every's input
and choose a best meeting time.

The following is a list of potential agenda items for the 1st meeting. Please feel free to vote for or against or propose
agenda items that you want to cover.

0. Tool/Meta-Model commiter Introduction
1. Tool/Meta-Model subproject vision
2. EPF Tooling development plan draft
3. Proposed EPF tooling API
4. EPF Tooling development and contribution guide
5. EPF Tooling requirement management process

Charlie Yan

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