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RE: [epf-dev] Fw: EPF Committer Meeting during EclipseCon in SantaClara, CA

Hi Naveena,
I'm afraid I won't be attending.
best regards,

Asier Azaceta


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Subject: [epf-dev] Fw: EPF Committer Meeting during EclipseCon in SantaClara, CA


Tried sending it to this list, but got rejected because there were too many other folks
on the send email.  

Please review and let me know asap.

Thank you

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Eclipse Process Framework Project/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS
EPF Committer Meeting during EclipseCon in Santa Clara, CALink


Many of you are attending EclipseCon and have indicated interest in
having a committer meeting during EclipseCon in Santa Clara,CA.

Here is the current plan:
Dates:  March 23 & 24 - a full day on the 23rd, and a half day on the 24th.
Location:  a hotel near the Santa Clara convention center or a hotel near the SJC airport (with internet access)
Agenda: I'm looking for input on the agenda items from you.  Minimally we spend some time providing
status to the rest of the team.   We can also use some portion of this time to get face-time with your sub teams.

Please let me know asap if you can attend this meeting.   Please also let me know if you will require a hotel


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