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RE: [emfindex-dev] API Changes

Hi Jan,

Sounds all reasonable to me.


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Hi all,

yesterday, I committed a number of changes that also affect the API.  
This is what I did

*API vs reference implementation*
I moved everything apart form the api and base source folders into a  
separate plug-in in order to better distinguish between API and  
reference implementation. This should make it easier to add other  
Query SPI ha been moved to the reference implementation, too, as it is  
considered an implementation detail of the reference impl.
In Xtext, we have to separately index EObjects and EReferences. We  
have also developed a special (pluggable) builder for that purpose.  
That made me move the ResourceIndexer to the reference implementation,  

*API cleanup*
I removed some classes / parts that were not referenced, i.e.  
TransactionException. We should try to avoid putting things in the API  
we don't need yet. Please complain if you need one of these classes.
I also completely removed the event API. In Xtext, we're currently  
using workspace resource listeners (an eclipse builder) and we are  
happy with these coarse-grained events. We can add it later on once we  
have clear requirements.

The EObjectDescriptor now has a convenience method createProxy() which  
allows to create an EMF proxy.
UserData is now a String to String map. Serializable sounds like a  
pretty bad idea to me, as the EFactory converts it to/from String  
anyway. Anybody who needs this should take care about string  
conversion themselves.

*Index Updater*
The most serious changes are in the IndexUpdater API. We decided to  
switch to a less OO-like interface here, which should better suit the  
needs of SAP.

Feel free to comment.

Best regards

Dr. Jan Köhnlein
Senior Software Architekt

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