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Re: [emf-dev] Migration from EMF 2.2.x to EMF 2.4


The templates have certainly changed a great deal given the introduction of support for Java 5.0. You've not provided much in the way of details. What you generated with 2.2 should still work fine with 2.4. I'm not sure if your specialized templates will simply work. You might want to look at the delta between your templates and the original 2.2 templates and apply that to the 2.4 templates...


Sumukharaj@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
My project is planning to migrate from EMF 2.2 to EMF 2.4. We have hugely
customized JETs and a large number of validation constraints. My guess is
that this should be done with some changes to the JETs. Is there anything
else I need to worry about? If the efforts are more, are they really worth