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[emf-dev] Re: Updated IP logs for EMF/EMFT


cc:'d dev lists just FYI.

Sharon Corbett wrote:

We discussed the IP logs for EMF and EMFT today with respect to CDO, Net4J, and Teneo moving from EMFT to EMF as part of graduation/release with Ganymede.


Typically we wouldn't be dealing with a move and a release train all at the same; however, we are.  Therefore, we had to determine how to accomplish the checks required for the move and the graduation/release all at the same time.  As you know we have been working in advance to ensure the third party sections of the IP Logs are aligned for the move/release.


Our conclusion today was that each IP Log should be a true reflection for the Release for Ganymede as follows:   


EMF Log for Ganymede will need to include all the components moving from EMFT for move/graduation/release. This not only applies to Section 3 (Third Party Code) but also Section 1 and Section 2 (Committers/Contributors) as this will be the true state of how EMF will release with Ganymede


EMFT Log for Ganymede will need to remove the components moving to EMF for release.  This not only applies to Section 3 (Third Party Code) but also Section 1 and Section 2 (Committers/Contributors) as this will be the true state of how EMFT will release with Ganymede





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FYI, I've done some auditing of the previously undefined CQs listed on

the EMFT IP log, and have updated both the EMF and EMFT logs to show

this information.


http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/emf/project-info/ipquery.php (all of

EMF, including Net4j, CDO, and Teneo)


(just the 4+3 components in Ganymede)

http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/emft/project-info/ipquery.php (all of EMFT)


You'll notice that there is duplicated content between EMF and EMFT (for

Teneo, Net4j and CDO only). This is naturally because we haven't

completed the graduation/migration yet -- eventually I expect to remove

the dupes from EMFT.